The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard, Channel 5, Friday 7th June at 7:30pm

Episode Synopsis: Episode 4 - It's War!

It’s the Annual War Weekend, where the railway goes back in time to remember the Second World War. Almost 30,000 visitors are expected from all over the country.   

The stations along the line are transported back in time to 1939. Visitors and historical re-enactors come dressed as GI’s, Winston Churchill (always at least three!), evacuees and even a 'French tart doing her bit for the war effort'.  

One thing you won’t see this year is German re-enactors. And that marks a controversial change. For the last 12 years groups of German war re-enactors have taken over the small rural station at Levisham, turning it into a French occupied territory, ’Le Visham’. But this year adverse publicity has caused the railway to decide to change the event at Levisham into VE Day. 

As it turns out the biggest battle of the weekend is with the weather. On the eve of the event a storm hits and brings a tree down onto the line. The next morning, before the event can begin, they have to do an emergency track inspection to make sure the line is safe. 

Engine problems and weather woes aside, the big military parade through Pickering goes well, despite some very unmilitary coaches somehow finding their way into the process. 

Will good cheer prevail despite the setbacks, can the team pull off a fantastic event for the thousands of visitors expecting a great day out?

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