Our 2024 Season runs from the 23rd March - 3rd November with services running daily between Pickering and Whitby.

Locomotive Roster - Which engines will run on which timetable path? 

The locomotive roster is created on an evening once the engines have all returned back to Grosmont Motive Power Depot and they have had their fitness to run inspections. Customer Services publish the roster usually at around 8:30am. This can be found at the bottom of the Homepage, titled 'Scheduled Locomotives'. 

Cancelled Services

Every effort is made to run to the timetable and to operate all trains with steam unless otherwise advertised. Heritage engines can be unpredictable and if a locomotive fails we will always try to provide a replacement service. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.  

Hot Weather

During extended periods of hot weather we may be required to add a diesel engine to a steam service. The steam engines therefore do not have to work as hard, reducing the risk to lineside fires. During extreme hot weather we may also be required to replace steam services with diesel services to prevent the risk of fire.