Civil Engineering Diary - September 2017

Last time I referred to gauging the East Midlands HST that came on a special to the NYMR and Whitby.Read more

June Raffle Winners

The list of winning numbers for the June NYMR Raffle.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 16 June

Work in all forms continues all over the railway including at Whitby with some interesting and some surprising.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 2 June

On the theme of “what goes down also comes up”, we have had a track formation problem at Grosmont Platform 4.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 29 April

The scope of the engineering works change with normal routine inspection and maintenance taking over whilst running.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 6 April

Of course when we run trains, the work on our infrastructure doesn’t stop, it just changes in character.Read more

Newly Opened Goathland Station Shop

The new shop at Goathland Station was officially opened on 23rd March.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 23 March

Have you noticed that when you do something, you create another thing to do as a result?Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 16 March

Another update from Nigel as we ready our line for the arrival of Royal Scot and the operating season.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 7 March

With trains running we were able to sort out materials in New Bridge with some 60ft long rails going out by road to a dealer for scrap.Read more