Civil Engineering Diary - 13 February

A modern diesel engine on the line? Surely some mistake? No - it's time for a visit from the ballast fairy...Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 30 January

We apologise for the late running of this blog, which was due to a film crew on the lineRead more

Civil Engineering Diary - 23 January

The latest update from Nigel Trotter and the Permanent Way team.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 6 January

First of all, a Happy New Year to all although it now seems a long time since Christmas and New Year.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 23 Dec

Knocked off for Christmas? Not a bit of it! Nigel and the gang are still hard at work...Read more

Christmas Raffle Winners

Winning numbers for the annual NYMR Christmas Raffle.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 13 Dec

Nigel Trotter takes us through the latest news from the Civil Engineering diary.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 5 Dec

Photos show what an excellent job Martyn and all the P Way staff and volunteers have done. The alignment of the curve around Yorfalls is especially good.Read more

Civil Engineering Diary - 25 Nov

So far Grosmont level crossing has been flooded and the path on the moor at Goathland station has ended up yet again on the track.Read more

Pickering Quiz Report

Pickering Station Group quiz report and winners. Find the answers to Pickering Station Groups 2016 Quiz.Read more