Nick Simpson, MPD Manager, gives his latest update from Grosmont Engine Sheds.

Some of the 125 folks from #TeamShed

Sometimes, it is very easy to write about the diesel fleet, a star engine, steam repairs, or upcoming events. However, none of these would happen without a massive amount of behind-the-scenes support. Currently, the department comprises over 125 people, from all walks of life, with various skills, time availability, and a mix of staff and mostly volunteers within that number.

We always like to have improvement projects ongoing that make life easier and cheaper to do the tasks on the locomotives, jobs such as upgrades to our wheel drop facility, new air compressor install and making use and sorting any donated gear that sometimes is better than what we used to have, these are large projects that take a while to install, manage and plan but the small tasks are just as important, we have recently reclaimed two old recycling bins that will be made into a rag donation drop off point, rags form a integral cog in the machine for cleaning and lighting the fires to make steam, it would be very difficult to operate without them and the shed uses rags everyday.

Our tooling gets worked hard daily to keep the engines moving, we have our plant and machinery staff and volunteers that look after it all and repair items such as leaking seals in jacking equipment, re-handling hammers, mending loco lamps and servicing folk lifts.

With the rising cost of materials, now more than ever every inch of metal counts; a new steel rack is being made out of reclaimed offcuts to stow plates as the old rack was life expired - work that will never be seen by the public.

Within the fabrication shop, recycled materials are being used to make a new storage and tool room that will form part of it the CNC machine shop, this is taking shape nicely, utilising racking from another workshop and the fitting out of these machines is being done by our Tuesday gang of electricians, who also mend everything from light fittings, extension leads, grinders and drills.

Disposal of ash, filling the coal stage, ordering diesel fuel and oils, stocking nuts and bolts and cleaning mess rooms all allows the fitting staff maximum time to repair, service and maintain the fleet that we all enjoy running on our railway to the coast and back.

And not to forget the daily replenishment of the wood heap! We are always looking for help, if you would like to join our department and assist, the kettle is on and teabags are at the ready, bring a mug!

Nick Simpson, MPD Manager

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