Nick Simpson, MPD Manager, gives us an update on No. 5428 Eric Treacy.

The team here at Grosmont M.P.D have performed extensive work this winter; both our staff and volunteers have worked over the closed season on this and the other locomotives, with No. 5428 receiving a good amount of our attention.

It began with removal of the locomotives wheels and all axle sets sent away for tyre turning, while these were away the centre driving sets axle boxes were cleaned and examined, new wear plates welded to them and new white metal cast, the boxes were then machined ready for fitting. The frames windows were remeasured and when all the turning and machining was complete and after alignments made the driving wheel sets were reinstalled. We took the opportunity while the loco was this far stripped down to perform a bogie rebuild, bringing it back to tolerances.

The locomotive was split from the tender for examination of pins and draw bars (it also allows us to fit more engines in the shed at once) and a tender exam performed.

Focus then turned to the steam chests where the valve and piston rods were sent to the contractor for metal spraying to remove wear, while matching piston packings were turned to size. The right-hand valve was bored to remove the old liners and new liners fit by liquid nitrogen freezing, while the left hand was bored back to circular, new valve heads were sourced and machined with matching rings, this saw the team work on steam chests rebuilds.

The full back heads worth of fittings have been overhauled in readiness for steaming and traffic and, Armstrong Oilers have supplied us with a full set of pads for the tender which after soaking have been installed. Over winter various paints have been applied, parts cleaned up, crack testing, measurements, boiler exams performed and with the examination of all parts of the loco, a few more defects were found for example, the battery charger given up for the on board electrical mainline equipment, this has been replaced with a new component.

All the motion has been lifted and fitted to the bottom end in preparation for timing the loco this week, hot boiler exam with a full steam test, brake adjustments, a deep clean and then a period of running in and return to traffic.

Nick Simpson, MPD Manager.

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