The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard, Channel 5, Friday 24th May at 8pm  

Episode Synopsis: Episode 2 - The Romance of Steam.

There is a well-established connection between romance and steam. Two years ago the railway got a wedding licence and it’s now become a popular, if slightly, unusual wedding venue with 22 booked this season. In charge is Tim who candidly reveals "you have to be very unflappable but unfortunately I’m quite flappable".

In this episode, there is an especially important wedding, that of Head Boilersmith Mark and his equally steam-mad fiancée, Emma. Their love blossomed because of a mutual passion for steam, and in particular the B1. It’s the engine they first rode on together and on which Mark proposed. Naturally they want the engine to pull them on their wedding train but issues with the engine means it might miss the big day. A touching scene sees Mark decorate the engine late the night before his big day. 

There’s also transport trouble when work mate Kieran promises to get Mark a big American muscle car for the special day. Unfortunately, the car breaks down and Kieran has to find a last minute stand-in. Mark fears the worst but in classic NYMR style Kieran comes good, really good for them. 

The work at the engine shed doesn’t stop just because there’s a big wedding on. Next in line to start the long process of restoration is the Green Knight, an engine that hasn’t run for 5 years. The first thing to happen is separating the engine’s huge boiler from the chassis. This is done with the NYMR’s 90-year old steam crane. It’s a tricky job especially as the lift is being done by trainee lift man Chummers and trainee lift supervisor Barney.

Meanwhile preparations are underway for another big event on the NYMR’s calendar, Yorkshire Day. For this celebration of all things Yorkshire there will be a special Yorkshire-themed Pullman service. We see Gill and husband Paul head off the day before to source local ingredients. They’re looking after baby Rupert for head chef Sammie so it becomes an interesting day of multi-tasking. 

The programme ends with the wedding which is a celebration of love and steam.


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Pic Credit: Graham Staples