The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard, Channel 5, Friday 14th June at 8pm  

Episode Synopsis: Episode 5 - A Grand Show!

This week it’s full steam ahead for North Yorkshire Moors Railway’s Autumn Steam Gala. The event will bring in thousands of steam enthusiasts for the 3-day event and the team are hoping it will bring in much-needed cash to see them through the winter.  

The event needs a show stopping centrepiece, they’re hoping to bag an amazing visiting loco as a 'celebrity guest'.

Engine shed boss Piglet heads off to the Nene Valley Railway in Cambridgeshire to scope out the 92 Squadron engine. This year’s event is RAF themed so the loco should fit perfectly. The striking green engine, known in their day as ‘spam cams’ due to their striking design, looks great. The big surprise of the visit is that Piglet meets another Piglet. General Manager of the railway Sarah Piggott is also nick-named Piglet. Two Piglets in the world of heritage steam, what are the chances of that? 

But it doesn’t take long for problems to appear, a crack in its firebox could prevent it from running and throws NYMR’s gala plans into disarray. With just a week before the gala can Piglet manage to find a replacement? 

Piglet takes a gamble on the engine hoping super savvy Head Boilersmith Manager, Mark, can fix the crack before the start of the event. 

Meanwhile preparations for the event are going on all over the railway. Kieran and Signalman, Alistair, are tasked with creating a heritage freight train that is a popular feature of the gala. Kieran though is more interested in blagging free food from all the Station Tea Rooms.

Eventually Mark fixes the crack but the engine can’t run until a Boilersmith has passed it fit. To test the crack, they need to get the engine up to pressure but can’t because it turns out the engine is leaking like a sieve. It goes down to the wire but they just manage to fix enough of the leaks to get the engine up to pressure and pass the test.  

The event kicks off and there is great excitement from the staff and steam fans. A group of mega enthusiasts called ‘gricers’ get up at the crack of dawn, having slept in their cars overnight, to photograph the engines. 

When 92 Squadron develops another boiler fault can Mark once again save the day? It's relief all round as the engine goes back into service, especially for steam super fan Steve who had planned to scatter his late father’s ashes into the 92 Squadron fire-box out on the line. It’s a moving end to a fantastic event. 

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