The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard, Channel 5, Friday 21st June at 8pm  

Episode Synopsis: Episode 6 - Steam & Scream 

In the last days of the season, the NYMR team decide to put on a final ‘curry train’ night and a massive event for Halloween. They’re under pressure to bring in extra revenue now that the season is nearly over. The curry train proves to be the most popular yet so it’s probably the worst possible time for all the lights in the carriages to suddenly stop working.

Serving curry and managing carriages at capacity when you can’t see 5 feet in front of you is a recipe for disaster.

The carriages are just as old as the engines, so keeping them going is a constant battle for Kieran, Head of Carriage & Wagon, who’s responsible for the railway’s 40 plus carriages. 

To make matters worse, Laura, Head of Marketing, announces she needs extra electricity for the big Halloween event. She is planning a live entertainment show on board which will require extra lights and a PA system. Kieran resorts to some very creative DIY solutions but he gets nowhere.

The Bishop of Wakefield comes to bless Eric Treacy, an engine that’s had a half million-pound overhaul over the last two years. The General Manager, Chris, and the engine shed crew are all present for the blessing. 

Piglet finally finds time to spend on his own pet steam engine project Lucie. Piglet has been restoring the funny little vertical boiler engine since he bought it last year. He confesses working on the engine is putting a strain on his marriage.

On Halloween’s Steam and Scream Night, Kieran’s electrics collapse again but all's well that ends well and that is indeed what happens. Passengers and staff really make the effort to make it a night to remember. 

At the very end of what everyone agrees has been a challenging season, Piglet is emotional and determined, saying “as long as we’re still breathing we’ll keep these old locos coming back next year”.

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  • The NYMR cares for operating and developing the railway it owns from Pickering to Grosmont.
  • The heritage railway operates over Network Rail from Grosmont to Whitby.
  • The charity provides a high quality, safe and authentic evocation of the steam age for the public.
  • The NYMR is an Educational Charitable Trust. Providing education for all ages.
  • The railway is a fully accredited museum. 


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