The North Eastern Railway commissioned a class of heavy freight locomotives in 1913, primarily intended to haul coal trains. As locomotives were sent to France during the Great War to assist with the mammoth logistical task of supplying the vast armies in action, more of these T2 class locomotives were built throughout the war and up until 1921, with Darlington Works and Armstrong Whitworth in Newcastle turning out 120 in all. All 120 passed to the LNER in 1923, which reclassified them the Q6, and then into British Railways hands and they continued in service right until the end of UK steam with the last examples withdrawn in 1967, some 54 years after being introduced. 

No. 63395 was built at Darlington North Road Works in 1918 and was allocated initially to Blaydon where it remained for 25 years. Its first reallocation, as part of a large wartime reshuffle of motive power, was to Newport (Middlesbrough) after which it saw service at Darlington, West Hartlepool and Hull Dairycoates, then at Selby, again at Darlington, then at Consett, before its final move to Sunderland South Dock in May 1965.

No. 63395 is owned by the North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group (NELPG) who take care of the repair work needed to keep this locomotive running.