In 1934, the London, Midland and Scottish Railway introduced William Stanier's Class 5 locomotive, a multipurpose locomotive that proved immensely useful. They were initally nicknamed "Black Staniers" by contrast with the "Red Staniers" - the Jubilee class of express passenger locomotive. Soon, however, the name had become "Black Fives" and the moniker stuck. So useful did the locomotives prove that 842 examples were built over a 17-year period until 1951. A favourite with drivers and spotters alike, their sheer numbers meant they could be seen on any part of the British Railways network after 1948 doing every job available, and also meant that 18 of them were preserved, meaning they continue to be a favourite to this day; during the summer season, it's a rare day there isn't a Black Five in steam somewhere in Britain!

No. 44806 was built at Derby in 1944. The locomotive was based at many sheds on the Midland route, most notable at Lostock Hall (10D) until it was withdrawn in 1968. In preservation, for a while she carried the name "Magpie", the ITV childrens' magazine programme of the same name arranging to have a locomotive named in competition with BBC's "Blue Peter". Arriving at the NYMR from the Llangollen Railway in 2013, after extensive work at Grosmont she returned to service in summer 2016.