Essentially a tender version of the Standard 4 Tank like 80135 and 80136, the 4-6-0 version of the British Railways Standard 4 design was intended for general passenger and freight use on lines where the usual "Black Five" and similar locomotives would be too large or heavy. 80 examples were built between 1951 and 1957 and were allocated to the London Midland, Western and Southern regions.

75029 was built in 1954 and was decidedly mobile during her service life, being allocated to depots across the Western region including Reading, Oxford and Swindon, with a stint in Wales at Machynlleth and Croes Newydd sheds in the early to mid sixties. It was withdrawn from service in August 1967 when it was bought by artist, David Shepherd, several years later it finally made its way the NYMR in October, 1998.

Painted in British Railways' Brunswick Green livery used on passenger engines, "The Green Knight" has been a stalwart of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, including being passed to work to Whitby and Battersby on the national network. A crack in the firebox was identified in 2015 and she is currently awaiting attention. 

Overhaul Update - 24/05/19

75029 is currently undergoing a major overhaul; the boiler is having new inner and outer sheets on the firebox fitted, work is being done on the fire hole door and new stays machined & fitted. The foundation ring and copper inner sheets have also both been welded.

The frames have currently got the driving wheel set removed to allow the horns to be taken off. There was a build-up of rust behind each horn so that has been removed. These need riveting on and then the axle boxes machining to the horn measurements.

The frames are awaiting the completion of 92134 and 825 so they can come into the main repair shed for this work to be done and wheel alignment to take place.