LH&JC 0-6-2T No. 29 “Peggy

Built in 1904 by Kitson of Leeds, Works Number 4263, for Lambton Collieries, No. 29 was the first 0-6-2T to be employed on that system and was later joined by No.5. No. 29 was also overhauled at Philadelphia in 1968, by which time the ‘main line’ running over BR tracks had ceased and it was made redundant with the other remaining steam locomotives on 15 February, 1969.

Having returned to steam after overhaul for the NYMR 40th Anniversary in 2013, No. 29 has been in frequent use until late-2014. Repair work is needed to the cylinder block before No. 29 can run again. Can be found at Grosmont MPD.