The daily operation of the Railway is the responsibility of the Operating Department, which has to provide Guards, Signalmen, Control Staff, Ticket Inspectors, Booking Clerks and Platform Staff and also ensure that trains and stations are clean and tidy. Volunteers are constantly under the public gaze, so personal appearance is important and formal training is required for all of these jobs. As well as having significant safety responsibilities, you must also have good communications and personal skills, for dealing with both colleagues and the general public.

Locomotive Footplate

Every child's dream is to become an Engine Driver. Today the NYMR allows this to become reality. Starting as a Loco Cleaner, you can work your way through the ranks to Fireman, Passed Fireman, then (after a number of years!!) to Driver. Being a heritage line, there are opportunities to experience working on a variety of steam locomotives, together with diesel locos and railcars. Engine crews on the NYMR are some of the best on any line, due to the unique challenges the route provides.

Locomotive Engineering

Opportunities are available to either utilise existing skills or gain new ones working on maintenance and heavy overhauls of our fleet of steam and diesel locos.

Carriage and Wagon 

The Carriage and Wagon Department carries out major overhauls and repairs to our fleet of coaches at Pickering, including internal refits, body repairs, bogie and brake overhauls. Painting, welding, joinery, plumbing, electrical and upholstery skills are amongst those needed for this work. The volunteers play a critical role in ensuring that our passengers’ journeys are pleasant ones. Depending on where your skills and interests lie, the NYMR has various specialist groups, such as the LNER Coach Association, which restores teak bodied coaches in its purpose-built workshop. A relatively recent development is the establishment of the Railway’s Wagon Group, which cares for our demonstration freight train.


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