Education and Archive 

The NYMR is owned and operated by a charitable Trust, providing education for all ages as well as running trains. It is the function of the Education Department to provide learning opportunities for schools, families and the general public. This is facilitated by workshops and activities for schools on board the train and at stations, on-board train guides (to inform our passengers) and activity worksheets and exhibitions.

Typical roles undertaken by the Education department include

  • Schools Workshops: The Evacuation Experience an opportunity for Key Stage 1 & 2 children to experience what it might have been like to be evacuated to the countryside by steam train. 
  • On board train guides: Travelling on board the trains providing guided information where requested by passengers. 
  • Events: Providing activities for families and schools such as ‘Build a Railway Arch Challenge’. .
  • Activity Sheets: Research & development of self-led activity sheets for families and schools. 

Archive Department

The Education Centre also houses the Railway’s archive collection of historic documents and artefacts, where there is an on-going need to catalogue, record, conserve, research and assist with inquiries.

The NYMR is owned and operated by a Charitable Trust and is a fully accredited museum. As well as our historic locomotives and our stations set in different periods, we also have a dedicated archive team restoring and saving an extensive collection of railway memorabilia, acquired from bequests, gifts and collections that are being disposed of.

The team also answer queries from railway enthusiasts and researchers. The Archive is kept in a professionally designed, air conditioned secure space in Pickering Station. Our Archivists welcome additional volunteers to help them in this fascinating and rewarding labour of love.

Volunteering Commitment:

  • Attend Induction Course. 
  • For roles working directly with children, you will be required to CRB checked.
  • Commit to attending on average at least two occasions per month or equivalent throughout the season.
  • A reasonable level of health and fitness is required. 


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