Episode 4 - Channel 5, 9pm Tuesday 16 May


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In the final episode the trio are on the last leg of their journey from Whitby to the Scottish border. 

Their first vehicle of the day is a 1937 Steam Lorry. Piglet is desperate to drive it and Peter and John head into the back. It’s an open- topped lorry and is extremely uncomfortable but they battle on thanks to some blankets and hot water bottles.

After an uncomfortable, wet journey in the back, the steam lorry breaks down so the men need to find another form of transport to take them further up river. They hitch a lift to Beamish, a living history museum with a coal mine and find out exactly what it would have been like to mine the coal back in the day.

From Beamish they head to the oldest railway line in the world. The Tanfield wagonway was built in 1725 to take coal from the colliery.  They reach the south bank of the River Tyne, just west of Newcastle and there to meet them is a steam launch. The journey takes a dangerous turn as the rudder stops working and there is no way to control the boat. Piglet and Richard, the launch’s owner, quickly use their engineering ingenuity to fix the boat and they are able to steer again. With just 75 miles to go to the Scottish border they have one last form of transport to go on their great steam odyssey. 

This time it's another steam car – a beautiful specimen. Now the intrepid trio are experts in keeping the engines in steam and steering these incredible machines and feel relaxed enough to make a stop at Bamburgh castle one of the most iconic landmarks in Northumberland. With the light fading and just 18 miles to go the Stanley starts to struggle but they keep going and with the headlights dimming and the daylight fading they reach the border just in time.

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