Episode 1 - Channel 5, 9pm Tuesday 25 April


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This brand new Channel 5 series will see journalist and presenter John Sergeant, actor Peter Davison and Paul ‘Piglet’ Middleton travel from London to Scotland using only the power of steam. 

In this first episode our intrepid trio meet in historic Greenwich in London. John gets his trusty map out and they are nervous as the take in the enormity of the challenge.

Their first vehicle is the ninety year old steam tug ‘Challenge’. This wonderful vehicle is the last working steam tug on the Thames and is famous for her part in Operation Dynamo where she travelled to Dunkirk in 1940 to evacuate the troops. John stays on deck with the captain whilst Piglet and Peter check out the powerful steam engine. Tides take them too fast up to Tower Bridge where they have a nerve-racking approach before the bridge is raised and they can travel through.

Next, they have to travel to Kings Cross station across London in an open-topped 1909 Stanley Steam car. Whilst Piglet’s a steam enthusiast he’s never driven a steam car, nor has he ever driven in London, so there’s plenty of anxiety in the back seats but with no seat belts and no doors Peter and John make a pact to jump out if things get too hairy.  

From Kings Cross the men climb aboard ‘The Duchess of Sutherland’ steam train which takes them as far as Stevenage where they stop off to see the fascinating vintage planes at the Shuttleworth Museum.  

It’s at the museum that they find their final vehicle of this leg of their journey. ‘The Puffing Billy’ is a century old steam bus which was designed to carry a brass band to functions around the country. Peter gets to drive for the first time and propels them in style but not a lot of comfort all the way to the historic city of Peterborough.

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