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Just outside York the intrepid trio find their next form of steam transport. She’s a 21 foot steam launch called Bruin, a replica Victorian craft built in 1984. Peter heads off to get them a picnic lunch before they head off down the river Ouse in the gorgeous craft. This steam launch was modelled on a luxury vehicle which would have serviced a steam yacht. They stop off for their picnic lunch at Newby Hall and are invited into the imposing house by Lucinda Compton the present owner. The magnificent stately home was built by Sir Christopher Wren and has been in her family for generations. Peter recognizes it and realizes that he’s been up in the bedrooms when he was filming a television series. 

At Ripon they disembark realising that they’ve gone a paltry 25 miles in 4 hours so need to speed up. Fortunately their next vehicle awaits. A 1908 Stanley steam car one of the biggest steam cars ever built. John decides to drive this time but quickly gets lost down a quiet back street. He manages to get himself re-orientated and heads 40 miles away to Piglet’s home town of Pickering. After a minor breakdown and some emergency water retrieval they make it. 

Piglet’s on home turf and takes Peter and John to his workplace - the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Piglet’s spent years restoring a 132 year old Belgian steam tram called Lucie and he takes John and Peter on the bumpy ride to Levisham. John and Peter must get their hands dirty shovelling coal and turning the heavy tram on a manual turntable. 

At Levisham they pick up a huge 3500 horsepower locomotive, a class 9F, which races them towards Grosmont, just outside Whitby.  Peter gets to drive and John is stuck again shovelling coal.

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