Paul started work at the NYMR in December 1996, at the tender age of 16, after he finished school.

Paul's mum spotted an advert in the Whitby Gazette for an apprenticeship and made him apply because he owed her £50!

Paul was nicknamed “Piglet” by Mike Smith, a now retired welder, whose grandson had put a small plastic Piglet figure (from Winnie the Pooh) in Paul's lunch box. Mike commented that Paul looked a little bit like Piglet, and that was that, the nickname stuck.

Paul has worked at the NYMR ever since and was promoted to Foreman in 2007. He then became Depot Manager in 2016 and finally Traction and Rolling Stock Manager in 2017.

Paul's hobbies include - cycling, flying model aircraft, motorcycling (touring Europe), backpacking holidays, working on his allotment and dog walking, he is also a volunteer fireman on the NYMR.

Paul and his wife are foster carers and they have a 12 year old girl in their care.

In 2017 Paul visited the Middleton Railway in Leeds to inspect a locomotive that might come to the NYMR. While there he spotted a strange looking little steam engine that he found really interesting and different. He was told that it was for sale, with this he had a chat with his brother and Dad, to see if they would help with the daft idea of buying it and they said yes, so an offer was made and accepted (Image above Piglet with Lucie). They now own a little steam engine called LUCIE! She arrived at the NYMR on 12th September 2017 and now they just have to restore her to running condition!

Earlier this year, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) awarded NYMR £4.6M as part of the £9.2M Sustainability Project, NYMR's Yorkshire's Magnificent Journey Appeal. To help preserve the heritage line for future generations, the NYMR urgently needs to raise approx. £2.5M from members, passengers and the public over the next five years. We need your help! Please donate