How long have you volunteered at the NYMR? What roles have you had and current role?

I have been volunteering since November 1969 and worked with the S. & T. on the initial installations at Goathland & Grosmont (and later the commissioning of the current Grosmont Signal Box). I then moved on to signalling and was the Signalman at Goathland both on the first day of public running in April 1973 and for the official opening on 1st May. Later on I became Station Master at Goathland in 1979 (and also a Trust Board member and Volunteer Liaison Officer). I have been involved in carriage and locomotive restorations, as well as leading the Station Group at Goathland which does much of the maintenance work around the station, as well as some significant project work, such as the construction of the current shop.

What made you get involved?

I was told about the railway by a volunteer who was running a fund raising shop in Darlington where I lived. He persuaded me to go to Goathland.

Why you do you volunteer?

The satisfaction of having been involved in the restoration of the Railway, and then having seen it develop over the years.

What is your NYMR highlight?

There are so many, but one has got to be the opening in 1973, and being given the responsibility of signalling trains at the age of 18.

My involvement with the railway resulted in me pursuing a career in the rail industry, which lasted 34 years, whilst continuing throughout to volunteer, and I now have 54 years of service as a volunteer.