How long have you volunteered at the NYMR?

I began volunteering on the 13th April 1969.

What roles have you had and current role?

Everything to do with the Footplate: Cleaner, Fireman, Driver, Inspector and, previously elected as a Trust Board Member in 1971 and now a Vice President.

What was your involvement on the 1st May 1973?

One of three drivers of the service with HRH The Duchess of Kent.

When did you first get involved with the NYMR?

I started on 13 April 1969 and was given the member number 1747.

What made you get involved?

I worked on footplates since 1961 on BR; as a cleaner, fireman, driver, train crew supervisor and later became steam locomotive inspector for Northern Spirit and I was a member of NELPG (North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group) before being part of the NYMR; in the early months before the railway opened, the railway needed a fireman to help with the shunting engines and I volunteered.

Why you do you volunteer?

I was interested in the North Eastern Railway locomotives originally and I have grown up with the NYMR in my life.

What is your NYMR highlight?

It was probably getting involved with 15 other people and clubbing together to buy locomotive No. 29 and, of course, meeting my wife.

One year I did 83 driving turns on top of being involved as a Trust Board member, now, I still average approx. 2-3 days per week throughout the year.

Photography: Chris Cubbit Right.