Terms & Conditions

Pullman Dining tickets: the child fare (lunches only) applies to ALL children under the age of 16. Please note though that the dining trains are not really suitable for children under 4 years of age.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR BOOKING 2 PULLMAN DINING/FESTIVE AFTERNOON TEA SEATS ON A TABLE FOR 4: If there are no tables for 2 available on your chosen date, two persons can of course elect to sit at a table for 4 and share the table with another couple. Where 2 seats are so required on a table for 4, please select seats 1 and 2, or 3 and 4, as tickets will only be issued for one window seat and the adjacent aisle seat on one side of the table. Tickets for the 2 window seats will only be issued if the 2 aisle seats are also booked at the "seat only" exclusivity fare.

All tickets and bookings are accepted subject to the railways terms and conditions. The NYMR reserves the right to amend and re-allocate booked seats, either before or after tickets have been sent out, and all bookings are subject to our usual terms and conditions. Please contact us by telephone (01751 472508) if you have any query regarding your booking. Any subsequent amendment to your booking could result in an amendment charge of £10 per booking, and you are reminded of our cancellation policy which states that if a booking is cancelled more than 2 weeks before the date of travel, then a refund of 50% will be given. We are unable to give a refund or exchange if less than 2 weeks' notice is given. This would include cancellations, rebookings or exchanges requested due to adverse weather or road conditions, or in the event of ill health.

COUPE: these are private dining rooms, seating 4, available in coaches Opal and Robin at no extra cost

As the Pullman Dining train set consists of heritage carriages, it is not possible to use a wheelchair inside the train, and thus all customers must be able to walk to their seats

If you have any questions, please contact North Yorkshire Moors Railway on 01751 472508 then *242 or via email on info@nymr.co.uk