Here are the general Terms & Conditions of Membership of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Trust.


1. Each Membership is for a named or named individuals only and is not transferable or renewable by anyone else.
2. A person can only have one Membership at any one time.
3. Joint Memberships are for persons who are either married or in a civil partnership. All administrative contact and copy of MOORS LINE will be to the First Member.
4. Membership starts on the day that we issue your Membership Card and expires on the last day of the same month in the appropriate renewal year e.g. if you join on 3rd April 2022 for one year then your Membership will expire on the 30th April 2023. Please allow 14 working days from your date of application to receipt of your Membership Card(s).
5. We operate a rolling Membership renewal with a one month renewal grace period e.g. in the above example we will send you a reminder during the first week of April 2023 and, if you haven't renewed by the 31 May your Membership will lapse; If you renew between 1 and 31 May your Membership will still expire on 30 April 2023.
6. You will be issued with (a) new Membership Card(s) at each renewal - these will show your Name, Membership Category and Number, the Expiry Date of your Membership and an identifying barcode.
7. Membership Cards remain, at all times, the property of the Trust.

Replacement Membership Cards can be provided by applying in writing to:
Membership Administration, 12 Park Street, Pickering, YO18 7AJ. You must provide the following information: Your full Name & Address, together with a copy of a document which verifies this. There will be a £5.00 administration charge for each replacement Card and a target turnaround of 5 working days.

8. Membership does not convey any right to trespass on the railway beyond those areas providing public access.
9. Membership Fees are not refundable.
10. Membership of the Trust does not confer any rights or entitlement in respect of the Trust’s operating subsidiary. 

Annual General Meeting

1. We will contact you every year to invite you to our Annual General Meeting.
2. We will provide you with access to the Trust’s Annual Report and our Financial Accounts.
3. Every member aged 16 and over has a vote on resolutions properly tabled for the Trust’s Annual General Meeting and for  appointments to its Board of Directors. These votes are conducted by means of a members’ postal ballot.


All Membership benefits are at the discretion of the Trust Board and can be changed at any time.

The current benefits are as follows:

1. One copy of the NYMR Quarterly magazine "MOORS LINE" per Membership (unless you tell us you don't want a copy).
2. 50% discount on train tickets for all persons covered by the Membership except:
   a. pre-booked seating services
   b. already discounted tickets e.g. Family Tickets
   c. First Class travel upgrades
   d. travel in carriages with Pullman and other special on board catering services
   e. all Special Events already discounted tickets.
3. Free travel for your dog and/or bicycle.
4. Discounts on some NYMR Special Events tickets as published from time to time on the NYMR website and as published to you via your Contact Preferences.
5. Exclusive Member offers and competitions as published from time to time on the NYMR Website and as published to you via your Contact Preferences.

You may be asked to produce your Membership Card(s) when claiming any of the Benefits above except 1.


1. When buying tickets on-line you will asked to provide your Membership Card Number. You also need to bring your Membership Card(s) with you to ensure that we are issuing tickets to the correct person(s).
2. When visiting the railway and buying tickets at the ticket office you must be able to present your Membership Card(s) in order to obtain your 50% discount. If you forget to bring your Membership Card we can issue you with a 50% discount voucher valid for the day, at a cost of £5.00 per missing Membership Card, provided you can provide suitable identification; otherwise you will be required to pay the full fare. This is only available Monday to Friday at Pickering.
3. All tickets purchased on the train will be at the full fare.
4. Some Membership cards entitle the holder to free travel. If you have one of these Memberships you will still need to obtain a complimentary ticket.
5. Working volunteers may claim free travel on the NYMR subject to conditions.

You still need to produce both your ID Card and accompanying Travel & Discount card. If these cannot be produced you are required to pay the appropriate fare for your journey.

Updated: 31/01/2023