Episode 4 - Channel 5, 24 May, 8:00 pm

In this episode, John, Peter, and Piglet venture into the Scottish Highlands. Their journey commences with a ride on a 'White' steam car, once used by American Presidents, crossing the Cairngorms Mountain range. Despite battling harsh Scottish weather, they reach Aviemore to board the majestic Black 5 train. Piglet arranges an observation carriage, offering breath-taking views along the river Spey, prompting an impromptu stop to fully appreciate the scenery.

The following day begins with a steamboat trip on Loch Ness, encountering rough waters and engine troubles midway. Stranded ashore, they conclude their adventure aboard 'Heilan Laddy,' a striking steam truck. Peter's driving along scenic roads tests John's nerves, but a stop by a beautiful loch for a traditional meal provides much-needed respite.

As night falls, they reach the iconic Eilean Donan castle, a quintessential Scottish landmark, marking the end of their memorable journey.


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