Car 79

Built in 1928 by the Metropolitan Carriage Wagon and Finance  Company of Birmingham, No 79  was part of an order for 29 Cars –  the first British Pullmans of all-steel construction for use on  the LNER.  Until 1965, No 79 ran on various Pullman services out of Kings Cross, including the  Yorkshire Pullman and Tees-Tyne Pullman as well as  the Queen of Scots. Car 79 was donated to  the South Yorkshire Area Group of the NYMR in 1973 when the long task of restoration began.  The Car came to the NYMR in May 1990 and the 20-year task of restoring it to its former glory was completed at Goathland.

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Jos De Crau

M324 was built at Swindon in 1961 and spent its BR life on the West Coast Main Line. It arrived on the NYMR in June 1983 after being purchased by Jos De Crau. In the winter of 1994/95, M324 was given an extensive body overhaul and during the following winter, was provided with new kitchen equipment. The coach now provides kitchen and bar facilities for the NYMR Pullman Dining Train. New for the 2016 season M324 has a reupholstered interior!

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These Pullman Cars are of the 1960 design and were manufactured by Metro-Cammell of Saltley, Birmingham. Forty four were ordered from the company for the Pullman services on the East Coast Main Line. Opal ended its working life on the Hull Pullman and was withdrawn from service in June 1978 at York. Opal was purchased by Jos De Crau and delivered to the NYMR in 1979. It was restored in Pullman umber and cream livery, with its original name in 1982. After many years in service it was withdrawn from traffic for overhaul and returned to traffic in Pullman splendour in 1998.

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Robin was built in 1961 and was operated extensively on the East Coast services, including the Yorkshire Pullman, the Tees-Tyne Pullman and the Hull Pullman. It was then allocated to York – Inverness Motorail service in which it survived until being withdrawn at York in February 1980. The coach was delivered to the NYMR in July 1980 and during 1982 was restored to traditional umber and cream livery with the original name Robin being restored. The vehicle was withdrawn from traffic in 1990 and returned in 1994.

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