We were delighted to welcome students from Ryedale Out of School Education (ROOSE), to the NYMR along with staff and volunteers from the North York Moors National Park Authority (NYMNPA). Supporting the Lineside Conservation team, the group met at Esk Valley Cottages, Grosmont, to cut back blackthorn and help start to clear an old wall that had become overgrown.

It was a lovely day. The sun shone and the buzzards and a sparrow hawk displayed and circled above our heads! The team were fantastic and got stuck into the task, helping to clear a long stretch of heritage retaining wall that has been lost to the vegetation for some years. Opening it all out will help us do engineering inspections and the newly opened lineside will be a favourite with invertebrates and reptiles. Kerry Fieldhouse, Lineside & Environmental Sustainability Manager, NYMR

ROOSE is an alternative provision to find better ways of supporting, motivating and inspiring students, who are unable to access mainstream settings, to be as successful as possible. The ROOSE motto is ‘unlocking potential’ and working collaboratively with the NYMNPA we were able to support and offer an environment where students felt valued and respected, could engage in a task that was challenging, enabling them to thrive.

It was a great day, thank you. Kerry and the Lineside Conservation volunteers were very welcoming. The students were taking part in a Green Action Day with the NYMNPA Outdoor Learning team. The project is all about positive actions and transferrable skills. Partnership with you folks for the win. Mary-Jane Alexander, Youth Engagement Officer, NYMNPA

Through our emerging community engagement programme, we can support our charitable aims and play a more meaningful role that will improve outcomes for our local communities and individuals.

We will be welcoming ROOSE and the NYMNPA back on 2nd March where they will continue the conservation of the beautiful and remote Fen Bog by controlling willow regeneration.

Michelle Baggaley, Community Engagement Manager, NYMR.

Main image shows John, Tony and Mary-Jane from the NYMNPA.