We're nearing the end of a major project to install controlled emission toilets (CET) across our fleet of coaches, which is expected to complete in May - two years ahead of when they will be required.

Having worked on designs with Network Rail, who are fully funding the project, the units have been designed to fit the carriages without losing any of the heritage charm. We have already fitted and commissioned the equipment to several of our heritage carriages which will end the age-old practice of toilets flushing directly onto the track.

The special retention tanks are being fitted to 13 carriages in total, including the Pullman Dining carriages and two newly refurbished Fuss Free Access coaches, which have been converted thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The installation takes approximately two weeks per coach to complete.

The project will also see the construction of pump-out stations at Grosmont and the new carriage stable facility at Pickering.

Chris Price, General Manager at NYMR commented: “Fortunately due to the pandemic we were able to bring this originally externally funded project in house which has ultimately maintained a constant stream of work for our Carriage Fitters and allowed us to get ahead of the curve in ending what is an unpleasant practice.

“We are grateful for the support we have received from Network Rail which is helping us to build a more sustainable railway for the future and it’s further proof of the work we’re doing to preserve the past and protect the future.”