The Pickering Paxman Railtour: 15th July 2017

East Midlands Trains (EMT), in conjunction with the Branch Line Society and 125 Group, will be visiting the railway with a very special HST charter to enjoy a rather unique journey along the NYMR's beautiful line. The tour will traverse unusual lines along the way and will be formed of eight Mark 3 vehicles and two EMT Class 43 power cars fitted with VP185 engines, with 43082 Railway Children requested. 

The charter route, is as follows: Derby (05.50) – Chesterfield (06.39) – Sheffield (06.55) – Pontefract Baghill (07.18) – York (07.57) – Darlington Down Bypass (08.29) – Thornaby Down Goods (08.54) – Grosmont (11.30) – Pickering (13.00) – Grosmont (14.30) – Whitby (16.35) – Middlesbrough (18.20) – York (19.17) – Sheffield (20.10) – Derby (20.40). All timings and routing are subject to clearance and operational constraints on the day.

The Railway Children is a charity which helps thousands of children across the UK, India and East Africa run away or are forced to leave homes that have become unbearable through poverty, abuse, violence and neglect. Reaching a child as soon as possible is crucial to getting to children on the streets before an abuser can, and before they become entrenched in street life. We race to get to children before the streets get to them.

Standard NYMR travel tickets are valid for use on the High Speed Train between Pickering and Whitby.

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Southbound Northbound Timetable

PDF Timetable - Final v6