Highways England will be undertaking repairs to the A64 west of Malton. The attached documents provide more information regarding the forthcoming weekend closures. The dates of these closures are:

Friday 19th Oct. 8pm - Monday 22nd Oct. 6am

Friday 9th Nov. 8pm - Monday 12th Nov. 6am

Friday 16th Nov. 8pm - Monday 19th Nov. 6am Now cancelled.

The road has to be closed over the whole weekend as repairs are required to the foundations of the road. Highways England have avoided major local events and the autumn half term holidays, but they are urging people to allow more time for their journeys over the affected weekends.

Diversions will be signposted and will take you from York via Stamford Bridge (blue route) and from Pickering back to York via Sutton Bank (red route).

Highways England have provided the following attachments for more information:


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Updated 12/11/18