London and North Eastern Railway (1923 – 1948)

During the depression years of the 1920’s and 30’s attempts were made to trim the railway workforce, posts were combined – Stationmasters covered more than one station (i.e. Levisham and Goathland combined c. 1925), signalmen became porter-signalmen, combining the posts of signalman, clerks and porters. On some lines (such as York to Scarborough) intermediate stations were closed to passengers altogether, although usually remaining open to goods. Some signal boxes were closed, such as Deviation Junction box near Grosmont, although the saving here was based on the cost of uniforms! Newtondale signal box, which had not had regular staff since the Great War, being only opened as required and then by relief staff, was used for the last time in 1930 but left intact until officially closed in 1952.
Such cutbacks saw the railways through the depression and on into WW2, during which the railways were considerably rundown, meeting heavy demands with scare resources for repair and maintenance.