The 22 production Deltics were introduced between 1961 and 1962, to replace steam on the East Coast Main Line between Kings Cross and Edinburgh. Their 3300 bhp power units (2 x 1650 bhp) made them the most powerful diesel locos in the world at the time.

D9000 was numerically the first of English Electric’s production Deltic locos to emerge from their Vulcan Foundry in 1960. In August 1961 D9000 is recorded as hauling the up Flying Scotsman from Edinburgh to Kings Cross for the first time. In June 1962 she was named at a ceremony at Edinburgh Waverley station. D9000 became 55022 during an overhaul at Doncaster in 1974.

55022 continues in service to the bitter end, hauling the Deltic Scotsman Farewell railtour from Edinburgh to Kings Cross, becoming the last Deltic to work for BR. Preservation followed, initially at the Nene Valley Railway and then, in November 1996, “Royal Scots Grey” became the first preserved Deltic to operate on the main line once more.

55022 will be appearing in the guise of sister loco 55018, which entered service on 24 November 1961, carrying the name “Ballymoss”. Foaled in 1954, Ballymoss was the first Irish-trained racehorse to win the St Leger stakes and became an outstanding middle-distance racehorse in a three-year career from 1956-58. Ballymoss lived to the age of 25 - just over five years longer than his namesake locomotive, which was withdrawn and cut up in 1981 after 19 years and 10 months of service.