As with most heritage railways, the majority of our coaches are from the BR Mark 1 range, which were built in huge numbers during the 1950s and 1960s to replace the increasingly dilapidated coaching stock that British Railways inherited from the "Big Four" after the war.

We are also fortunate to have one rake of pre-war vintage coaches stabled on the line; our LNER teak set is beautifully maintained by the LNER Coach Association.

To get more in-depth information on all of our coaches, visit the Railway Heritage Register's website here, and enter "North Yorkshire Moors" as the present location. You can also click the link below to see a list of which coaches currently comprise which sets.


Rolling Stock

Blood & Custard Set

Officially "Crimson Lake & Cream", this was the first livery applied to British Railways Mark 1 coaches from 1951, and was almost immediately nicknamed "Blood & Custard" or "Plum & Custard". 

Maroon Set

In 1956, BR regions were allowed to have regional colour schemes: the Western Region reintroduced the GWR's famous "Chocolate and cream", the Southern Region returned to SR Green but elsewhere a standard BR Maroon was adopted, which lasted until the introduction of the Blue & Grey livery in the late 60s. 

Mixed Set

Our third set is composed of a mixture of liveries; two Blood & Custard, two Maroon, two Blue & Grey and one Western Region Chocolate and Cream. 

Teak Set 

Each of the beautiful wood-panelled coaches has its own unique history and in 2016 we have seen the completion of another restoration project, bringing the size of our teak set up to a full eight coaches. Visit the LNERCA website for more information on our teak coaches.


And finally, did you know that our Grosmont depot also plays host to the Armstrong Oiler Company Ltd, producers of steam locomotive lubrication devices for over 100 years, supplying railways around the world?