MPD Manager, Nick Simpson, gives an update on work taking place on locomotive D5032 Helen Turner.

One long term project on shed is the rebuild of D5032 Helen Turner which currently resides in the repair shop on one road and can usually be viewed from the shed shop viewing window.

The loco was brought to the NYMR in 1976 on hire from metal processors T J Thomson Ltd to cover running the railway over the summer droughts, becoming the first mainline preserved diesel electric from B.R. It was named Helen Turner on 30 October 1982 after the owner's daughter in a naming ceremony that took place at Grosmont. A total of 151 of these Type 2s were built at Darlington, Derby and Crewe works. D5032 was one of the Crewe built locomotives, entering traffic at March, Cambs. in July 1959. After a spell at Stratford the following year, it moved to Willesden and then to Bletchley in 1961. From then on the locomotive was based on the London Midland Region, being withdrawn from Crewe Diesel Depot, as 24032, on 17 July 1976. With such a long history with the railway the engine requires attention. Since withdrawal from traffic the railway has purchased the loco from the owners.

Work so far has seen the roof sections and floor panels removed, the entire radiator compartment rebuilt with new radiator tanks made on site, all newly overhauled elements and both radiators installed back into the machine, this allowed us to replace rotten structural steel work in this area. The whole system up to the engine is newly plumbed after all pipes have been cleaned, fitted and repainted.

Body side repairs are finished, new steel welded in the body skin and engine room structure, this work has allowed a full internal engine room paint. The brake frame has been overhauled by our volunteers, all the valves in the frame have been stripped, examined and rebuilt ready for service.

The cabs are receiving attention due to being life expired. Both ends are in a state of strip out, all the wiring on the loco has been replaced and the trunking it runs in fully refurbished. This work has seen many yards of wires replaced and at the same time laying new wires in for the systems needed to get the machine to Whitby. The electric cubical has also been rewired and all electrical machines above the running board have been overhauled, once more here on site, this includes triple pump, radiator fan motor and traction motor blower.

With all this work coming to near completion as individual projects, work has begun on the engine unit. The turbo has been removed, stripped and rebuilt here at the works. The engine itself has been stripped of air intake, exhaust, covers and heads.

These are just a few of the jobs to be done, for example almost all the pop rivets in the roof sections and cabs have been replaced, near 2000 in total.

In the future, once the engine has been rebuilt, the loco will need lifting so the bogies can be examined and overhauled, traction motor exams and rebuild, cabs fit out refit, paint applied and roof replacement. This is obviously extensive work which will put the loco into traffic in almost as good condition as is possible.

Nick Simpson, MPD Manager. View previous entry.