The warmer weather and restrictions lifting has seen a very welcome return to locomotives leaving the M.P.D. daily for traffic needs, this hasn’t halted the progress on the various engineering works that the shed undertakes every day, if anything we are as busy as ever, we have had new staff starting. Both Tom Lee and Mark Readman join our team as Y.M.J. apprentices to learn the heritage skills needed to maintain and operate the fleet of engines the NYMR requires daily, this sees us aim to have 10 operational steam locomotives, 2 large diesel engines, a D.M.U. and 4 shunting locos on hand throughout the season. We also have three major steam locomotive rebuilds on going and a diesel in the overhaul works.

One big leap forward the operational fleet has seen this month is the reuniting of the engine and boiler of the Q6, after extensive repairs by owning group N.E.L.P.G., the M.P.D. were on hand with 45 ton steam crane No. 107 to lift the boiler, fit the ash pan and locate into the frame.

The engine is now back in N.E.L.P.G. works so they can make ready for a return to traffic. The group are also working on the J27 which is in the final stages of having its pistons bored, motion rebuild and boiler exam by the insurers.

No. 5428 has returned to traffic passing its various tests, paperwork chase and running in and should be returning to Whitby once Network Rail give us the go-ahead.

No. 76079 is coming together quickly for its return to traffic now so work will focus on Repton, its header (above) has been through the machine shop for faces skimming and reprofiling the securing bolt holes. Various hydraulic testing of the boiler and steam circuit is currently underway, so that the new elements can be fitted.

The boiler shop have also replaced a patch screw inside No. 80136 and performed a hydraulic test to prove the repair.

Next to Repton in the boiler shop on its rebuild is Hartland’s boiler, the initial reaming is done on the side sheets and throat plate, so the inner box has been lifted out of the outer and then rolled over (see above) so marking out of the crown sheet can begin.

No. 08495 had been repaired following the electrical fault reported in April’s edition, fault found to be an insulation issue on circuit board fixings.

Running maintenance and the end of the winter rebuild period is coming to an end various spring changes, like the S15 No. 825 seen above in the wheel drop and weighing the steam fleet is done so the locos are ready for the services upcoming and hopefully busy season.


Staff safety is always a major priority and Covid-19 testing continues on-site twice a week and the shed improvements on site this month have been new pit boards made for the wheel drop, also new gantries are on order for working on the locomotives for site staff and preparing for traffic.

In the rebuild shop, No. 44806 is being stripped down, all the motion is off, pistons out and crosshead and slide bars removed for examination and repair. Internal frame cleaning and descaling continues, we have started on both ends of the frames so fitting staff aren’t working on top of each other so the cab floor has also been cleaned up and frame welding in this area is finalised. The bogie has all its components on-site now except the springs which are on order, when these arrive the bogie will be rebuilt and then go under the frames, the front buffer beam has arrived to shed and once the bogie is installed the old one will be removed.

No. 37264 is having commissioning work and running trails, the engine has been fully serviced after the shut period, it will be hauling coaches up the bank on test soon. In the overhaul shop D5032 Helen Turner is having a turbocharger rebuild, a full strip-down, clean and measure has been completed using the diesel departments new air-powered lifting chain block that was commissioned by the M.P.D. plant and machinery section in-house. Helen’s main generator is away for overhaul and after its strip down and clean, they report is in very good condition.

No. 8 Lucie has had its first shunting turn down Grosmont station putting coaches in the correct order for the starting services. We have taken delivery of No. 44871 from Riley’s and Sons as cover while the machines run in have their little faults sorted and repaired, No. 44871 will give us a bit of flexibility in this area.

Nick Simpson, Motive Power Department Manager

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