Nick Simpson, NYMR Motive Power Department Manager takes us through the next update from Grosmont Engine Sheds.

As Summer is here the locos are out in traffic for the services, welcoming visitors back to our railway. Here on shed, we have challenges to wake the engines from their Covid-19 lockdown slumbers and some of the loco’s are putting up a bit of resistance.

Currently in traffic are No. 5428 Eric Treacy, No. 825, No. 92134, No. 80136, No. 29 Peggy, No. 76079, No. 8, D7628 Sybilla, D.M.U and No. 37264. The running brings with it the washout season, in which each steam engine is required to have a washout every 28 days whilst in traffic.

First up was No. 825 which will be followed next week by No. 80136. The Class 25 D7628 is in daily use to the coast, the running season also brings with it regular Fitness To Run Exams on our mainline diesel every three days.

The running season changes the operation of the shed as we need 3 examining fitters, two depots, one lighter upper, one diesel examiner per week so this has its toll on the rebuilds, these haven’t stopped though…

Coming close to entering traffic are the J27 and Q6, NELPG engines, which are very close to being rebuilt after the repairs. The J27, at the time of writing, has water in the boiler, it's tender on and all the motion has been refit. Since the last issue, the Q6 after its boiler installation is having its main steam pipes fit, the grate is in and cab fittings being bolted on.


No. 75029s new copper tubeplate has been formed and machined in-house and is nearing completion. Hartland’s crown stays are all drilled since the last blog. Work on No. 44806 moves on at a pace too, the driving springs are removed, primer applied in the cab area, the inner frames have been fully cleaned in front of the cab; the bogie is in a state of re-build as well and that it is only awaiting its springs, which are due on-site by the end of the month.

The steam crane No. 107 is in for repairs, the engines have been stripped to measure up for new big end bushes in the machine shop, old rivets are being taken out of the jib and full clean up of the back leg area is on with. While the machine is in, it is being extensively cleaned and new paint applied.

In the running shed, No. 926 Repton is receiving attention; it is currently having new elements fitted to the boiler, and all the small motion is being removed for assessment, a clean, exam and any new bushes and pins that may be needed after the wear assessment is complete. The lubricator has been taken off, so a full kit of spare fittings can be made and it will also have a full set of piston packings made in house.

No. 29 and No. 44871 have both left the railway this month, No. 44871 returns to Fort William for the summer services on the Jacobite and No. 29 visits Didcot Railway Centre for the summer as one of their attractions.

Shed improvements this month have seen the department take delivery of new point signs and materials to install them, new lighting in the wheel drop is being fitted and will hopefully be ready for testing at the next blog post. The machine shop has had improvements to the wiring with a new distribution board. Also, scaffolding at the shed-end passenger tunnel mouth has allowed work on the topping stones that after a tree removal have been replaced as new.

The railways shunting stock No. 08850, No. 08495, No. 08556 and No. 12139 are all in traffic shunting various things about the railway whenever the need arises.

In safety news, some of our staff have been on courses in scaffolding and ladder assessment and we've had the challenges of having a pre-arranged commitment taking place, that involved the Motive Power Department location to be used for four days. ;)

Thanks for your time, Nick Simpson, Motive Power Department Manager.

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