Nick Simpson, MPD Manager, gives us an update on D7628 'Sybilla' from the Engine Sheds at Grosmont:

Missed last season due to an engine internal coolant leak and a main generator that required an overhaul, diesel locomotive D7628 is now well on the way to a return to traffic following the work undertaken last season and over this winter.

We are close to, at time of writing, the Sulzer 6LDA engine having its fluids replenished following a full top end rebuild that was last completed 14 years ago, this has involved the removal and restoration of head covers, cylinder heads, pistons, liners, air intake, turbo, exhaust sections, rockers, fuel pumps, piping and roof sections. However these components one at a time have been carefully overhauled by team diesel and rebuilt.

The liners have had the sealant faces re-machined and then installed, the pistons were then cleaned, the ring grooves and rings were measured before being lowered into the liners after the white metal bearings were examined. The end caps and cylinder heads were installed, after there work of measurements, valve lapping and clean up have been lowered on and nipped down. This allowed the water coolant top rail to be placed and tightened.

The fuel pump gallery was then rebuild with each pump and a pair of push rods for each head fitted along with its pipe work and air intake for all the heads from the intercooler.

The locomotive is in 1 road, in the repair shop where next, the cylinder head covers can be refit after the engine has been timed for running.

Once timed the exhaust sections can be refit, and the roof put on, which will allow the final pipes to be installed, the fire detection system recommissioned the engine to start and the whole machine made ready for testing and entering traffic.

A much missed workhorse returning to our railway and running to the seaside.

Nick Simpson, MPD Manager.

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