Dear NYMR Members,

The Annual General Meeting of the Trust will take place at 10am on Saturday 28th November 2020 and will be streamed live via this webpage. 

Due to extraordinary delays with the post, it seems a proportion of members have not received their written notice of the AGM. Of particular concern is that their voting slips have either still not arrived, or appeared too late to meet the deadlines for votes to be returned and counted.

Further delaying the entire AGM is fraught with problems, not least the near £10,000 bill for additional printing and postage.

After considerable thought, we have decided the most cost effective and democratic option is to proceed with the AGMs as scheduled. However, the agenda items dealing with results of the Members’ Postal Votes will be adjourned until 10am on Saturday 9th January 2021. This means that the votes we have already received will be counted, but, additionally, those members who have been prevented from voting by postal delays will have plenty of time to return their voting slips. All voting slips received by Thursday 7th January 2021, will be counted and the result declared at the adjourned meeting. The adjourned meeting be held on-line at 10am on Saturday 9th January 2021 and will be streamed live via this webpage - http://nymr.co.uk/agm2020

The adjournment is longer than would be usual but, sadly, we have no confidence that postal delays will improve over the Christmas holidays. If anything, we expect they will deteriorate further. If you have not already done so, please return your completed voting slips as soon as possible.

The AGM of the Trust’s subsidiary, North Yorkshire Moors Railway Enterprises PLC, will proceed as planned at 10am on Saturday 28th November 2020. So too will the presentations on progress and the future of the Charitable Trust as well as the Question and Answer session. We hope that you will be able to join us via http://nymr.co.uk/agm2020

During the adjournment, current arrangements will continue in accordance with the Trust Articles of Association.

We are sorry that circumstances outside our control have made this partial adjournment necessary. However, we would like to thank you for your tolerance and understanding in difficult circumstances.

Best Wishes,

John Bailey
Trust Board Chairman

Due to the effects of Covid-19, we’re holding our Annual General Meeting online this year.  We hope that this will mean that even more of our Members can join us for this event.


This is the page for our 2020 Annual General Meeting. It contains downloadable documents for you to read offline and details of how to join our virtual AGM.

AGM Booklet

Annual Accounts and Report

Live Stream Replay:

Due to the effects of Covid-19, we’re holding our Annual General Meeting online this year. 

Press play in the embedded video below to watch the replay. The meeting begins at 14 minutes, 50 seconds.