We're pleased to announce that No. 37418 ‘An Comunn Gaidhealach’ will now be a guest locomotive during the Diesel Gala from 14th to 16th June 2024, completing the line-up for this highly-anticipated weekend.

Visiting courtesy of Loram and Steven Beniston, this will be the first chance for passengers to ride behind No. 37418 in its striking Loram red and white livery.

No. 37418 ‘An Comunn Gaidhealach’ is replacing the previously announced guest locomotive, Deltic No. 55009 ‘Alycidon’, of the Deltic Preservation Society (DPS). Due to a failure of one of the power units and the condition of another, engineers concluded that No. 55009 would be unable to perform on the steep track gradients at the NYMR. It is hoped that, once addressed, the locomotive can be invited back for future events.

Named ‘An Comunn Gaidhealach’, meaning ‘The Highland Association’ in English, No. 37418 is a distinctive member of the British Rail Class 37 fleet. Built in the 1960s by English Electric, this locomotive has a Co-Co wheel arrangement and boasts a 1,750-horsepower engine.

Renowned for its robust performance and iconic growling sound, No. 37418 served across the UK, hauling both freight and passenger trains. Notably, it was a regular sight on the scenic routes of the Scottish Highlands, adding to its storied legacy.

Laura Strangeway, Acting CEO at NYMR said: Sometimes things beyond our control happen in the railway world and we have to be as agile as possible. We are so excited for the return of our much-loved annual Diesel Gala, and even more so now that Loram and Steven Beniston have graciously stepped in and hired out No. 37418 for the occasion.

In addition to the five visiting locomotives including No. 45108 courtesy of the East Lancashire Railway and D9537 courtesy of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, the NYMR announced that BR Class 20s, No. 20189 and No. 20142 - both courtesy of Class 20189 Ltd - will also be part of the special extensive timetable.

The heritage railway’s home fleet of diesel workhorses will be on the timetable of services, including No. 37264, D7628 ‘Sybilla’, No. 31128, No. 47077, and No. 31466. Together, the visiting and home fleet will feature in a jam-packed timetable including evening running and a selection of traders including Rail Riders and DPP Model Railways. Many services will also be offering a selection of beers and ciders served from the on-board buffet bars.

An adult One Day Ticket for £49.50 will last for the entire Diesel Gala and includes a 12-month Annual Pass of free return visits. Kids (aged 0-15) also go free. If you already have a valid Annual Pass, entry to the event is included. For more information, the full timetable and to book tickets, visit www.nymr.co.uk/diesel-gala