Under no circumstances will the uniform of the black “Allgemeine SS” be allowed on any of the trains, stations or is it welcomed in the towns along the Railway. Please show consideration as we have many original veterans attending the event.

Please do not wear German uniforms in the towns or villages along the line, they are only to be worn at Le Visham as part of the agreed scenario. Please also note that we do not allow anyone wearing German uniforms on any of our stations or trains. The re-enactors that display at Le Visham portray German soldiers. Sometimes this includes the Waffen-SS, who are front line fighting troops.

We take very seriously however anyone, including members of the public, dressing in “Political Uniforms” which include branches of the SS and SD who were directly involved in the Holocaust. Any persons who arrive at Le Visham dressed in this manner will be ejected.

Please remember the reason we have the event is to remember and pay our respects to the railway men and women who fought and lost their lives during WWII, recreating history through re-enactment.