General T&Cs

These General Terms and Conditions apply to bookings on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway including ancillary services such as car parking provision. NYMR provides rail transport under statutory Bye-Laws and purchasing a Ticket or other service from the NYMR involves acceptance of these Conditions by the purchaser and on behalf of all other persons for whom the Tickets or service are purchased.

NYMR means North Yorkshire Moors Railway Enterprises PLC, whose registered office is at 12 Park Street, Pickering, North Yorkshire YO18 7AJ. NYMR is a controlled subsidiary of the North York Moors Historical Railway Trust Limited, registered charity Number 501388 whose registered office is at the same address.

Passenger(s) means the person(s) permitted to travel on NYMR services following issue of a Ticket.

Fare Table means the table of published NYMR Ticket prices applicable to the date(s) of travel or published fares for Special Service Tickets as applicable.

Ticket(s) means an official NYMR card or paper ticket evidencing authority to travel on the NYMR services for which it is valid.

Timetable means the scheduled timings for NYMR train services as published from time to time. Click here for current timetable.

Gala means dates specified as such in the Timetable when additional services and/or guest locomotives are scheduled to operate.

Special Events means dates specified as such in the Timetable where additional attractions are provided at NYMR stations or services are hauled by celebrity guest locomotives for which a Specific Service Ticket is required.

Group(s) means 20 or more Passengers travelling together.

Specific Service Ticket means a Ticket valid for travel only on the NYMR train service(s) specified on the face of the Ticket, Pullman dining trains, other catering trains, wedding parties, saloon charters, pre- booked Group(s), Santa services and pre -booked seating on Special Event services.

Social Distancing Ticket means a Ticket valid for travel on the NYMR train service(s) specified on the face of the Ticket but restricted to occupation only of allocated seating.

(1) Tickets

1.1 Each Ticket is issued subject to the payment of the relevant published fare, these general terms and conditions and the NYMR Bye-Laws which can be inspected at NYMR Booking Offices.
1.2 Everyone travelling on NYMR trains must be covered by a valid Ticket or other travel permit for their journey.
1.3 Tickets must not be resold.
1.4 Dated tickets are only valid for both outward and return journeys on the day of issue or as specified on the face of the Ticket.
1.5 Tickets are NOT valid for travel on services provided by another operator over the same route.
1.6 Tickets are issued for standard class only. Upgrade to First Class, where available, requires the payment of a supplementary charge.
1.7 Tickets may be purchased online in advance, at NYMR Station Booking Offices and, apart from Specific Service Tickets and Social Distancing Tickets, from on board NYMR travelling Ticket inspectors.
1.8 Bookings made via will receive an email confirmation which must be validated and exchanged for Tickets at a Booking Office on your day of travel. 
1.9 Your email confirmation is not a valid travel ticket.
1.10 Online tickets via are for travel on dates and services specified. Once booked, these tickets are NOT transferable to another date and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

(2) Timetabled Services

2.1 The issue of Tickets does not imply that a timetabled service will run or, unless it is a Specific Service Ticket or a Social Distancing  Ticket, that sufficient seats will be available for all Passengers intending to travel. Standard services are operated on a “turn up and go“ basis so Passenger numbers are unpredictable. Accordingly NYMR shall not be liable for failure to carry a Passenger on a standard service train if there is insufficient accommodation.
2.2 If there is insufficient seating accommodation in standard class the Guard of the train may authorise Passengers to occupy First Class seating without payment of the normal supplementary fare. Unless and until such authorisation is given the First Class supplement is payable.
2.3 NYMR is responsible for providing travel for the journey covered by a valid Ticket but may substitute road transport if operational problems occur.
2.4 Apart from Specific Service Tickets, Social Distancing Tickets, or unless otherwise specified, Tickets may be used on any timetabled standard public service on the day(s) for which they are valid.
2.5 NYMR will use all reasonable endeavours to operate the Timetable but cannot guarantee that services will be hauled by a particular type of traction or class of Locomotive. Published lists of Locomotives planned to be operating on any day are indicative only and subject to change without notice.
2.6 NYMR may for safety or operational reasons, including delays or disruption to services caused by another operator or for any other causes outside its reasonable control:

  1. a) Suspend or discontinue the issue of Tickets, and;
    b) Dispatch trains from stations before the arrival of connecting services, and;
    c) Withdraw all services from any station, and;
    d) Discontinue the running of trains,

however NYMR will then take all reasonable measures to facilitate completion of Passengers’ journeys including, in the case of Passengers holding return or day rover Tickets, their return to their point of original departure whether by rail or other means of transport.
2.7 Our Gala/Special Events will take place as planned adhering to the latest Government guidelines, and we will continue to monitor the situation and update measures closer to each event.

(3) Standard Discounts

3.1 Age related discounts on NYMR published fares depend on age at the date of travel and are:
Child under 4 years old: Free
Child 4 to 15 years old inclusive: 50% discount
3.2 NYMR Member discount (subject to production of membership card): 50% discount
3.3 Family Tickets at the rates shown in the Fare Table enable travel by up to two Adults and up to two accompanying children aged 4 to 15 years old inclusive.
3.4 Rail Staff Travel discounts for employees or members of the Rail Delivery Group (formally ATOC) subject to production of photo card: 75% discount.
3.5 Group Travel discount: 20% or as otherwise agreed in writing.
3.6 Wheelchair users: 0% discount for the user and 100% discount for accompanying carer.
3.7 Dogs assisting Passengers with disabilities requiring their use: Free

(4) Gala and Special Event Fares

Higher Ticket prices may be payable for;
a) some journeys at the prices specified during Galas and Special Events on dates designated as such in the then current Timetable, and;
b) Specific Service Tickets.

(5) Break of Journey

5.1 Passengers on standard services may, Timetable permitting, break their journeys at intermediate stations and resume their journey on a later train. Passengers holding return and day rover Tickets may break their journeys on both the outward and return legs of standard services.
5.2 Specific Service Tickets and Social Distancing Tickets are NOT valid for train services other than the one specified. Passengers with such tickets can return only on the train specified on the Ticket using the seating allocated. If they alight at an intermediate station they cannot resume their outward journey on a later train and can return only from that station on such specified train.

(6) Multiple Journeys / Freedom Tickets

6.1 Passengers holding standard return tickets valid for journeys between Pickering and Whitby may make multiple journeys between those two stations during the day(s) of that Ticket’s validity.
6.2 Passengers holding standard day rover tickets valid for journeys between Pickering and Grosmont may also make multiple journeys between those two stations during the day(s) of that Ticket’s validity.
6.3 Specific Service Tickets and Social Distancing Tickets are valid for one return journey only.

(7) Travel Beyond Destination

A Passenger using a Ticket for any station beyond that for which it is valid will be liable to pay the difference between the price paid for the Ticket and the appropriate fare for the journey actually undertaken.

(8) Passengers’ Responsibilities

8.1 Passengers should examine their Tickets and any change given as soon as possible after issue. NYMR may not accept liability for any mistakes that are not drawn to its attention promptly.
8.2 Passengers holding return and day rover Tickets must check the Timetable operating on the date of travel to make sure that trains are scheduled that will enable them to complete their intended journey.
8.3 Passengers must retain their Tickets so that they are available for inspection. Any passenger who cannot produce a valid Ticket may be treated as having boarded the train without one.
8.4 Passengers must take care of their Tickets. Any which become illegible through mutilation or any other cause will cease to be valid. Lost or mislaid Tickets will not be replaced and will not entitle the Passenger to a refund or other compensation.
8.5 NYMR may refuse access to its trains or premises to anyone who appears to be drunk, disorderly, under the influence of drugs or is behaving in an offensive or abusive manner. In that event NYMR shall not be liable for any refund or compensation nor for facilitating that person’s completion of their journey.
8.6 Passengers with Social Distancing Tickets must only occupy any seating specifically allocated and are requires at all times while on NYMR premises to comply with current social distancing and face mask wearing rules as laid down by applicable legislation.  

(9) Refunds and Compensation

9.1 The NYMR operates heritage locomotives and coaching stock over elderly infrastructure using historic systems. Inherent in the delivery of that heritage experience is a degree of potential delay that might be unreasonable for a modern railway network. In determining whether or not the NYMR has exercised reasonable care in the provision of services due account shall be taken that their primary purpose is the provision of a heritage travel experience and not transport to a precise Timetable.
9.2 If departure of a scheduled train on which a Passenger intends to travel is delayed by more than 30 minutes, or the train is cancelled, unused Tickets may be returned to the NYMR Ticket Office where they were purchased and a full refund of the price paid for travel will be given. Refunds for the non-travel elements of Specific Service Tickets are subject to the special conditions applicable to such services.
9.3 If arrival of a scheduled train at the destination shown on the Ticket is delayed for reasons within the NYMR’s reasonable control then the following compensation may be claimed.
Delay of up to 45 minutes: NIL
Delay of more than 45 minutes but less than 90 minutes: 50% of that portion of the Ticket price paid that relates to travel on the delayed service.
Delay of 90 minutes or more: 100% of the price of that portion of the Ticket price paid that relates to travel on the delayed service.
For a return or day rover Ticket only the standard single Ticket price shown in the Fare Table as applicable to the delayed journey, less any discount given, may be payable. In the case of Specific Service Tickets compensation payable for delay will exclude the price paid for service enhancements including but not limited to seat reservations, catering and charter services.
9.4 Passengers who have elected to travel in First Class and have paid the supplementary fare will not be entitled to any refund or compensation in the event that the train Guard permits other Passengers to occupy First Class seats to relieve overcrowding.
9.5 No refunds or compensation are payable in the event that planned steam haulage has to be substituted by diesel (or vice versa).
9.6 For Specific Service Tickets involving the appearance of a celebrity locomotive a full refund of the travel element of Tickets will be given if the locomotive fails to arrive on the NYMR in operable condition. If, having arrived, it fails to appear on a service to which a Specific Service Ticket applies the compensation payable will be limited to the difference in price between the travel element of the Specific Service Ticket and the normal fare as shown in the Fare Table for the same journey.
9.6 Refunds and compensation will be paid by the same means as were used to purchase the relevant Ticket, i.e. where a charge or credit card was used a credit voucher will be issued using the same card. Cash will only be payable if the Ticket price was paid wholly in cash. Evidence of purchase must be produced as a pre-condition of any refunds or compensation.

(10) Access for people with Disabilities

10.1 NYMR is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities enjoy equal access to its services and facilities. However making adaptations can be hard to reconcile with NYMR’s charitable duty to conserve heritage. Some services and facilities are currently unavailable to those with restricted mobility. NYMR will use all reasonable endeavours compatible with its charitable objects to remove or overcome such restrictions.
10.2 Carriages specifically designed to accommodate wheelchairs and similar mobility aids are being introduced but during the period of their conversion no warranty is given that such facilities will be available universally.

(11) Animals, Luggage Personal Possessions, Bicycles, Pushchairs and Personal Mobility Scooters

11.1 Passenger’s hand luggage may be carried without extra charge provided it causes no inconvenience to other Passengers and can be stored on an overhead luggage rack.
11.2 Dogs may be carried subject to payment of the appropriate Fare but are NOT permitted in First Class accommodation and in catering vehicles such as Pullman dining and Buffet cars. (This restriction does not apply to Dogs assisting passengers with disabilities.) Dogs must remain on the floor of coaches and are NOT permitted on seats in any circumstances. If a Dog is so large that it is blocking an aisle the NYMR on train Guard may require that for safety it is carried in the Guard’s van on the train.
11.3 Other animals are NOT permitted on NYMR trains.
11.4 Bicycles may be carried in the Guard’s van subject to payment of the appropriate Fare.
11.5 Children’s Pushchairs may be carried without charge but ONLY in the Guard’s van on the train. Pushchairs, whether or not of the foldable type, must NOT be carried in seating accommodation including coach aisles and vestibules.
11.6 Small Personal Mobility Scooters and wheelchairs may be carried in the Guard’s van on trains without charge. A Small Personal Mobility Scooter is an electrically powered one not exceeding the following dimensions: 110cm length, 90cm height, 55cm width.
11.7 Petrol or diesel powered vehicles such as motor cycles and quad bikes cannot be carried under any circumstances.

(12) Car Parking

12.1 Passengers’ motor vehicles may be parked in NYMR controlled car parks subject to availability of marked spaces and payment of the parking charges displayed at the site.
12.2 Only vehicles capable of fitting within marked spaces may be parked. Caravans and vehicles with a Maximum Gross Weight in excess of 3.5 Tonnes are NOT permitted.
12.3 NYMR does not undertake to provide a secure or attended car park. Motor vehicles are parked at the owner’s/driver’s risk.

(13) Limitation of Liability

13.1 NYMR does not exclude or limit liability to Passengers for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence including that of personnel under its control.
13.2 In addition to any specific limitations specified in these General Conditions NYMR shall not be liable to Passengers for any indirect or consequential loss however caused.

(14) Law and Dispute Resolution

14.1 Contracts to which these conditions apply shall be subject exclusively to English Law regardless of the location of the person(s) making the booking to which they apply.
14.2 NYMR shall endeavour in good faith to resolve all consumer disputes.
14.2 In respect of services over railway lines forming part of the national network to which NYMR is afforded access by Network Rail NYMR has agreed to facilitate Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) by the Rail Ombudsman whose address 1st Floor, Premier House, Argyle Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2AD.
14.3 The scope of services that NYMR provides on these conditions is so wide that identifying a suitable provider of a comprehensive ADR service is problematic. In the event that disputes cannot be resolved using its own process NYMR will not withhold its consent unreasonably to participation in ADR using an Accredited ADR Provider nominated by the consumer.

Updated 20/07/21