Friday 23 September 6:00 pm - Learning Centre, Platform 2, Pickering Station

Join Steve Foxton, Curator of Non-Fiction at the BFI National Archive, Tim Dunn, British railway historian and Chris Gilson & Tom Bright, Editor & Deputy Editor of Steam Railway Magazine who will be hosting a viewing evening, followed by a Q&A session. This is free to enter, with any donations made to the NYMR Trust at the end of the session, it is limited to a maximum of 40 visitors. Steam Railway Magazine will also be giving away a goody bag. Event duration approx. 90 minutes.

Reserve your Free Tickets from Customer Services, Platform 1, Pickering Station. Customer Services: [email protected]

Conway Castle (1898) A Phantom Ride from the front of a locomotive arriving at Conway. Run time 2 minutes.

The Kiss in the Tunnel (1899) The earliest screen kiss and one of the first films to use an edited sequence to tell a story. Run time 2 minutes.

Pathways of Perfection (1937) Day and night, year in and year out, British railways serve the nation. Four famous named trains uphold a great tradition and provide a complete national transport service - swift, safe and comfortable. Run time 17 minutes.

Elizabethan Express (1954) From Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley the Elizabethan covers the journey in 6 and a half hours, at the time the longest non-stop journey in the world to be timed at over 60 mph. This film captures the speed and excitement - a fine tribute to the top link drivers of Gresley’s mighty A4 locomotives. Run time 20 minutes.

Let’s Go To Birmingham (1962) Paddington to Birmingham in five and a half minutes!
(... or 960 mph!) Run time 6 minutes.

Snow (1963) In September 1962 Geoffrey Jones set out to make a film about new technology on the railways, the winter of 62/63 changed his film to something rather different! Run time 8 minutes.

Railways for Ever! (1970) Sir John Betjeman reminisces. His nostalgic verse and prose recall the great trains of old and look forward to railways for ever! Run time 7 minutes.