Yorkshire's Magnificent Journey

We've delivered our £10 million future vision

Yorkshire's Magnificent Journey was our £10 million project to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy our 180 year old railway for decades to come. Over the past 5 years we’ve delivered 7 big initiative. - all focused on keeping us moving for the next 50 years The project concludes in July 2024 and you can find out more below about each of the unique projects and what we’ve achieved. First we'd like to say a huge thank you to the many organisations and individuals who helped bring the vision to reality, including all of you who gave donations and our key funder, the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Bridge Renewals

We’ve replaced three crucial bridges along our railway to ensure that we can keep the trains running well into the future. The new bridges have replaced ones that were over 150 years old and starting to show their age. Find Out More

Fuss Free Access

We’ve launched Fuss Free Access improvements to make our railway as accessible as possible for all to enjoy and feel included. This includes new specially adapted accessible carriages, enhanced signage and accessible maps. Find Out More

Carriage Stable

We have built a new £4 million carriage stable at Pickering to provide better care for our historic carriages. The new facility provides covered storage for up to 40 carriages and is making our work to care for and maintain the collection much easier. Find Out More

Goathland Learning & Interpretation

We have launched a fresh new programme of activities to engage young people with the railway. We have transformed the former pigeon van at Goathland into a new learning coach and have launched a new app. Find Out More

Volunteer Development

We have invested in volunteering including creating new volunteer opportunities across our departments and providing training and support to help volunteer development. We have also created the Outstation at Stape - a residential centre providing high quality volunteer accommodation. Find Out More


We launched a new apprenticeship scheme to help young people gain the skills they need for a future in heritage railways. Apprentices work alongside our staff in engineering and lineside conservation. Find Out More

Lineside Conservation

Our lineside conservation project is helping to care for the land either side of our railway tracks. Our conservation work includes habitat surveys, practical conservation tasks and the creation of educational resources to help our visitors understand more about wildlife and conservation. Find Out More

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway Trust is a not for profit charitable organisation run as part of the local community. Day to day operation is carried out by a wholly owned trading subsidiary whose Directors include volunteers with railway operations and business experience. Volunteers, together with approximately 100 full time and 50 seasonal staff, plan and operate the train service and work steadily to improve the quality of the infrastructure, the railway vehicles and the experience offered to National Park visitors and travellers on the railway.

The NYMR is one of the busiest visitor attractions in Yorkshire and with 350,000 passengers each year, carrying more people than any other heritage steam railway.

The NYMR sponsorship packages range from large to small events and brand association in our operating season, so if you would like your brand associated with one of the world's greatest railways, we have a package for you.


Type of visitors: Go for it Families (0-12 yrs) 60% and Empty-Nest Adventurers (45+) 40%

Travelling from: Leeds, York, Sheffield, Newcastle, Hull and East Coast

Type of visit: 63% A day trip from home and 37% Overnight visit

78% Repeat Visits

Yorkshire's Magnificent Journey Appeal

The aim of Yorkshire’s Magnificent Journey is to boost investment in the infrastructure and the activities of the railway to help ensure that it can continue to operate successfully for the next fifty years.

Specific elements will:

  • Renew and repair the worn-out iron bridges around Goathland, removing a threat to the NYMR’s continued operation (£2.67M).
  • Provide a Fuss-free access carriage in every train, with ramps, loos and seating to easily accommodate the needs of all passengers, whatever their mobility (£770k).
  • Construct a covered stable for up to 40 carriages at Pickering, reducing decay and easing maintenance of the irreplaceable carriage fleet (£4.16M).
  • Better serve school groups and families with a dedicated education carriage at Goathland, building on success at Pickering and providing interpretation so visitors get more from their visit to a perfect country station (£330k).
  • Create a new volunteer hostel at Grosmont, providing decent facilities to encourage new volunteers including families and young people (£450k).
  • Develop initiatives to recruit new generations of volunteers to the line (£170k).
  • Build a railway apprenticeship programme (£470k).
  • Place a new emphasis on the care and management of the 18 miles of lineside (£170k).

(The individual figures are approximate.)


Laura Strangeway, Head of Marketing, [email protected] | Tel: 01751 473799 ext. 249

Your support and generosity can help us achieve our goal, Yorkshire's Magnificent Journey!