Experience and explore the 'The Sidings', a wartime street featuring a 1940s style public house with real ale and live entertainment. 

Static Displays (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

The Learning Centre Platform 2

D-Day Exhibition: A visual display of the first 24 hours on the D-Day beaches. Compiled by Brigadier Andrew Gadsby.
HMS Badger Exhibition: The story of Navy X Craft.
Germany’s V Weapons Exhibition: Compiled by Barry Wood.
Wartime Spinning Display: The Women’s Land Army.

The Platform 2 NAAFI
Open Friday Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 16:00.
For the sale of Coffee, teas and snacks.

The Sidings: Pickering Station Main Car Park.

HMS Vernon: Wartime Royal Navy bomb and mine disposal display.

Blitz & Pieces: The Work of the Auxiliary Fire Service and WW2 Life style exhibit.

The Sidings Marketplace

Wartime Sweet Shop.
Tilly’s Tea Shop: Teas, coffee and cakes.
The Sidings Grocer: Exhibit on how rationing worked.

The Sidings Inn: Wartime Pub and Music Hall. Open Friday 11:00 to 20:00. Saturday 11:00 to 23:00 and Sunday 11:00 to 17:00.
The Ginn Brothers Wartime Cocktail Bar.

The NAAFI Wagon: Hot food.
Wartime military and civilian vehicles on display all weekend.

Friday 11 October

11:30 Flag raising ceremony on Platform 1.
12:00 ‘Splice the Mainbrace’ with the Royal Navy at the Sidings Bandstand.
12:30 Ricky Hunter entertains by the NAAFI on Platform 1.
14:00 Entertainment in the Sidings Inn.
17:00 Entertainment and sing-a-long in the Sidings Inn.
Throughout the day many of the vehicles and re-enactors arrive.

Saturday 12 October

11:00 Parade of re-enactors and military vehicles in the town centre
11:15 Colin Bourdeic sings at the NAAFI on Platform 2.
12:00 The launching of the LDV (Home Guard Scenario) Park Street.
Followed by a march to the Sidings for recruits to sign-up.
13:00 ‘Splice the Mainbrace’ with the Royal Navy at the Sidings Bandstand.
13:30 Dance Class with the Swing Cats Vintage Dancers in the Sidings Inn.
15:00 The Queen inspects the Home Guard.
See the Queen arrive introduced to the Home Guard outside the Sidings Inn.
15:30 E.N.S.A (Entertainments National Service Association) show in the Sidings Inn.

19:00 The big D-Day Celebration Night Out.
Come along and sing and dance to our Cabaret.
Starring Kitty LaMare, Colin Bourdiec and The Swing Cats compared by Ricky Hunter.
Wartime cocktails, wine and local beers.

Sunday 13 October

09:30 Military Foot March from Burgate via Market Place to the Sidings.
10:30 Drumhead Service at the handstand or in the Sidings Inn (weather pending)
11:00 Civilian vehicle parade through the Market Place.
11:05 Wreath laying ceremony at the War Memorial at the south end of Platform 1
11:15 Live music at the NAAFI on Platform 2
11:30 Stape Silver Band play at the Bandstand
12:30 ‘Splice the Mainbrace’ with the Royal Navy at the Sidings Bandstand.
14:00 ‘Workers Playtime’ Song & Dance Show with George Formby in the Sidings Inn.
16:00 Flag Lowering Ceremony Platform 1
16:15 The Final Countdown sing-a-long and 'Toast To The Future'. Sidings Inn
17:30 Auld Lang Syne and Close



The above timings may slightly change and more events added nearer the event date. Page updated 10/09/2019