Head back in time to Levisham Station in the early 1940s and relive the camaraderie and spirit of WW2, with a pop-up show, live music, 'British Restaurant' and re-enactment displays. 

Levisham Station: Main Car Park

British Restaurant:

Based on a national wartime initiative set up by Mrs Flora Solomon, who pioneered the development of the staff welfare system for Leeds-born retailer Marks and Spencer. Restaurants were set up in church halls, town halls and school halls serving basic food items at low prices. Churchill was very much in favour of this but disliked the original name 'Community Feeding Centres' so suggested an alternative, the 'British Restaurant'.

This year's British Restaurant will include: Homemade Soup, Mince Beef & Dumplings, Corned Beef & Potato Pie, Apple Pie and Sponge Pudding. 

Live music in the Restaurant will include: Luna Nightingale. 

Paddock Side: 

Militias Re-enactors Scenario. Experience firing, pyrotechnics and demonstrations of the troops training (cooking authentic rations, a 'walk-in' trench for the public and patrolling) as well as life in the trenches. Additionally there will be a field HQ and Officer command and vintage vehicles. 

New for 2019: 'Other Side of the Tracks' Pop-up show (Saturday & Sunday)

Come and experience our interactive show which will take you back to Hull, 1941 and the evacuation of school girl, June and her adventures in the East Yorkshire Countryside. 

Live music by The Knightingales, a close three part harmony trio that performs well known 1940s classics and Hattie Bee, Vintage Singer. Born and raised in Yorkshire, Hattie developed a love for the 1940’s at a very young age. A writer, actress and singer (foremost), she has managed to expand her love to greater things. 

Performance Times:
Saturday: Live music from 11:15. Showtimes: 13:00 & 15:30.
Sunday: Live music from 11:00. Showtimes: 12:45 & 15:15  



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