Explore Levisham Station which is surrounded by the North York Moors. Take a trip back in history and experience a 1912 styled railway station. During weekends, bank holidays and special events the Weighbridge Tea Hut is open serving tasty snacks and drinks to visitors, walkers and cyclists.

Things to see and do

The Hole of Horcum is one of the most spectacular features in the National Park – a huge natural amphitheatre 400 feet deep and more than half a mile across. Legends hang easily upon a place known as the 'Devil's Punchbowl' – the best-known says that it was formed when Wade the Giant scooped up a handful of earth to throw at his wife during an argument.

The track across Levisham Moor runs through a landscape rich in archaeological remains – in fact the moor itself is the largest ancient monument in the North York Moors. Half-hidden in the heather are traces of human occupation stretching back thousands of years, from Bronze Age barrows to late Iron Age boundary dykes. These mounds, ditches, banks and ridges are evidence of burial sites, fortified farmsteads, enclosures and field systems – hard to spot at first glance but obvious once identified.

Ruined Skelton Tower offers an extraordinary view down into Newtondale and over the track of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Built around 1830 by Robert Skelton, rector of Levisham, it was once used as overnight lodgings after a day's shooting on the moors. The grassy headland is a wonderful spot for a picnic, and you'll hear the whistle of the steam trains below in plenty of time for a photograph.


Be prepared for grand landscapes and big views on this North York Moors classic. Starting with the dramatic panorama from Saltersgate over the Hole of Horcum, the 5-mile scenic walk follows a prominent track over Levisham Moor, past important archaeological remains. There’s a possible diversion to the stunning viewpoint of Skelton Tower, after which the route drops into the rocky ravine of Dundale Griff and returns along the valley to the Hole of Horcum, climbing back out at Saltersgate.

Take a scenic walk between Levisham and Lockton where you can walk through deep valleys and see the dell near St Mary’s Church a great highlight!

There is also a great walk from Levisham, Skelton Tower and Levisham Station which the Lockton and Levisham Heritage Group have created! 

Eating and drinking

A great place to eat is The Horeshoe Inn a family run establishment set in the peace and tranquillity of Levisham village within the North York Moors National Park. 

Walks: North York Moors National Park, Levisham and Lockton Heritage Group and Where2Walk

Image Courtesy: Joy Stead