The 2800 or 28xx class were designed by GJ Churchward as heavy freight engines, and 84 were built between 1905 and 1919. 2807 was one of the first built, in 1905.

During the First World War, 2807 was assigned to South Wales, pulling coal trains from the pits, and was involved in the so-called "Jellicoe Specials", a vital job hauling high-quality anthracite coal 700 miles from the Welsh collieries to the northern tip of Scotland for transport to the Scapa Flow anchorage of the British Grand Fleet. 

After a long and varied career which included two World Wars and the beginnings of the space race, 2807 was finally retired in March 1963 with nearly 1.5 million miles under her belt. In November she was towed to Woodham's scrapyard at Barry, where she remained until rescued in 1981 by her current owners, Cotswold Steam Preservation Ltd.

2807 is visiting us for our Autumn Welsh Steam Gala.

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