The GWR "Manor" class were designed by Charles Collett as lightweight multi-purpose engines and 20 were built in 1938-39 before the war intervened. A further 10, Foxcote Manor among them, were built for British Railways in 1950.

"Manor" class locomotives were often used on the Cambrian Coast Express, taking over, often double-headed, from the heavier "King" or "Castle" class locos at Shrewsbury for the final leg to Aberystwyth. Foxcote Manor was based at Oswestry, Chester West, Machynlleth and Shrewsbury during her life before being withdrawn and sent to Woodham Brothers' scrapyard in 1965.

7822 is one of nine "Manors" to survive into preservation, and is owned by the Foxcote Manor Society, formed in 1972, who have rebuilt and overhauled her ever since, usually stabled at the Llangollen Railway, not far from her original stamping grounds. Foxcote has visited us before and should be hauling some freight for the photographers as well as passenger services over the Autumn Welsh Steam Gala weekend.