Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for their support and effort in enabling the NYMR to welcome back passengers in line with the government advice.  

Following on from the latest Government Announcement, 12 July, and the unlocking of the UK we would like to announce plans for the NYMR’s summer Gold and Silver Timetables. As restrictions are easing, we feel that we need to approach the summer holidays with some caution to make staff, volunteers and passengers comfortable when visiting the NYMR.

We will also be continuing with the following Covid-19 mitigations to help protect our volunteers, staff and visitors:

• As part of the NYMR's Covid-19 mitigations, we will continue to use Zoono 'Fogging.
• We recommend staff, volunteers and our passengers wear a face covering, whilst in buildings, when on board our services and when moving around the train and on busy platforms (unless exempt).
• Pre-booked seats on the end to end services and reduced capacity on the intermediate services.
• Hand Sanitisers are available at various locations across the railway.

If you are feeling unwell, we would ask that you or members of your party or family group do not attend the railway and we will, where possible, try to re-arrange your booking for a later date. If another date is not available balances will be transferred to a Gift Card.

Zoono ‘Fogging’

As part of the NYMR's Covid-19 mitigations, we will continue to use Zoono 'Fogging' for the foreseeable future. Zoono is used across all settings including:

 • Stations
 • Tea Rooms & Gift Shops
 • Toilets
 • Carriages and Onboard Facilities
 • Booking Offices and Customer Services
 • Behind the scenes areas for Staff & Volunteers

Zoono 'fogging' provides an invisible protection layer against Covid-19. The NYMR is 'fogging' Zoono in the areas mentioned above every 20 days. Learn more about Zoono 'fogging' and how it works.