5th September - 12th October 

You will be met at the station by a ‘Billeting Officer’ who will check children for labels and gas mask boxes before boarding the train. (We will send you instructions on how to make gas mask boxes prior to your visit). Once on board students will be shown gas masks and gas rattles, learn about air raids and listen to reminiscence of real life evacuees from Middlesbrough evacuated during WW2 on this train route. Your pupils will also take part in a moral boosting WW2 sing-song and undertake an activity “Who will you be housed with?”

£10.00 (Goathland to Pickering) Return Journey.

Dept 10:50 (GD) / Arv 11:40 (P).

Dept 13:00 (P) / Arv 13:50 (GD) – Available 5/9/16 – 29/9/16

Dept 14:00 (P) / Arv 14:50 (GD) – Available 3/10/16 – 12/10/16

Price includes return journey from Goathland – Pickering and goody bag. Free educational activity when booking journey. £10.00 per student. Limited Spaces.

To book please contact the learning department on learning@nymr.co.uk or by phoning 01751 473799, ext. 248