Yorkshire companies join together to revive steam locomotive

Two proud Yorkshire companies with histories stretching back to the 1830’s are working together to preserve part of the UK railway heritage using the skills of modern-day engineering of DavyMarkham Limited to revive part of a steam locomotive from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.  

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway, which railway line operates from Pickering to Whitby, approached DavyMarkham Limited of Sheffield to assist with the repair of the foundation ring for the steam locomotive 30926 “Repton”.

The foundation ring is the base upon which the firebox is built (also known as the 'mud ring'). This joins the outer and inner firebox shells and seals the water space around the inner firebox an integral part of the locomotive.

This has become an ideal opportunity for engineering apprentices from both companies to take part in an exchange program to learn about the historical methods of boiler manufacture and how the application of modern techniques can be used to keep our heritage alive and the sharing of best practices from both companies.

Discussions are also ongoing in regarding both companies working together regarding the development of the locomotive maintenance facility at Grosmont.

DavyMarkham CEO Bill Clark said “We are proud to support North Yorkshire Moors Railway – helping to keep alive the knowledge required for the building and maintenance of historical engines and working closely with NYMR to nurture and develop skill sets to support their continuing growth."

NYMR Head of Traction and Rolling Stock, Eddie Knorn said “We are grateful for the assistance provided by DavyMarkham to progress the overhaul of 30926 “Repton”. This locomotive is a popular member of the NYMR fleet and with DavyMarkham’s assistance this should allow us to return the locomotive to traffic before the end of the year.

“The NYMR is pleased to be working with a British engineering company and expanding their portfolio of experience in heritage steam locomotives”. 

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is one of the most historic lines in the North of England, taking visitors on picturesque journeys along its own 18-mile line and a further 6 miles into the heart of Whitby, aboard steam and heritage diesel trains.

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