29, 30 September & 1 October 2017

We welcome you to our Annual Beer Festival, running alongside our Annual Steam Gala, and whether you plan to have a brief pause for refreshment, or to stay put and watch the trains go by there should be plenty to tempt the palate. 

The festival is taking place at Goathland and Levisham and features over 30 beers and ciders from across the region (and a little bit beyond) with everything from light golden ales to dark, chewy porters and stouts. 

There will also be a selection of soft drinks and tea and coffee, as well as hot and cold food available. 

It shouldn't need saying but please don't drink and drive. The winding country roads are best tackled in full possession of your faculties.

Goathland Station TBC

Great Yorkshire Brewery at Cropton

  • Yorkshire Moors, first brewed to celebrate 50 years of the North York Moors National Park. A ruby coloured beer brewed with Fuggles and Progress hops. Dark in colour with hoppy and fruity after taste and a bittersweet finish. 4.6%
  • Yorkshire Golden, a refreshing golden beer with hints of caramel and a mouthwatering honey-like sweetness. The perfect Yorkshire nectar. 4.2%

Whitby Brewery

  • Whitby Whaler, a fruity bitter with a malty, citrus flavour and a not too intense bitter finish. The combination of both East Kent and Styrian Golding hops give Whitby Whaler a pleasantly fruity full flavour. 4.0%

  • Saltwick Nab, A full bodied dark ruby ale with a pleasantly fruity finish. A generous helping of crystal malt adds body, filling out the fruitiness of the Aurora and East Kent Golding hops and rounding off this well balanced best bitter. 4.2%

Brass Castle at Malton

  • Twidget's a True Northern Blonde, an easy-drinking malty blonde made with hops from the world's northernmost commercial hop farm. 3.9%

Ainsty Ales at Acaster Malbis

  • Wankled Waggoner, a golden coloured, hoppy and fruity session ale. The old Yorkshire term “Wankled” could quite possibly be how the “Waggoners” of the Ainsty area might have felt after a hard days work! 4.5%
  • Flummoxed Farmer, a light, hoppy, fruity and refreshing session ale – quite possibly the kind of tipple an original Ainsty Farmer might have been partial to! 4.0%

Helmsley Brewing Co

  • H!PA combines a smoothly rich malt base with five different hops that are added at five different stages.  We add American, Australian, Kiwi and English hops in just the right amounts and at just the right moments to produce a beer that blends a luxuriant mouth-feel with tropical, floral and citrus hop notes. 5.5%

Welbeck Abbey Brewery in Sherwood Forest

  • Cubitt’s Voyage a resinous, pale New Zealand hop explosion! This is no shrinking violet, what it may lack in alcohol it makes up for in hop character. 3.5%.
    • Specially brought to the railway by a volunteer and to raise a glass to one of our long standing members!

Wensleydale Brewery 

  • Semer Water, a refreshing light, straw coloured beer with hints of caramel and citrus. 4.1%

A new micro-brewery based in the cellar of the Black Swan, Pickering, where the Whitby & Pickering railway opening dinner was held in 1836.

  • Coal Porter, a rich porter with chocolate and blackcurrant notes and a crisp, malty finish. 4.9%
  • Great Scot, brewed to commemorate the visit of Flying Scotsman, a Scottish-style 70/- "heavy" bitter. 4.2%.

Wold Top
at Driffield

  • Scarborough Fair IPAa gluten-free IPA made with Yorkshire Wolds malt, triple-hopped and with maize for head retention - best with food! 6.0%


Levisham Station TBC

York Brewery 

  • Guzzler, a beautifully balanced, light gold coloured beer with dominant hop flavours and pale malt character. Guzzler is an easy drinking, crisp and refreshing session ale brewed with Challenger and Celeia hops that bring about a light citrus palate with overtones of Grapefruit. 3.6%.
  • Black Bess, A rich and malty Porter/Stout with a smooth finish.

Darwin Brewery of Sunderland

  • Expedition, a golden pale ale single-hopped with Cascade hops for a fruity, aromatic and deliciously refreshing taste. 3.8%



On Board TBC

During the gala the buffet bar will be serving more from the Great Yorkshire Brewery - two brews made specially for the NYMR:

  • Pullman Pint, a dark brown beer brewed with pale, crystal and roasted malts, Styrian Golding hops to provide a slightly sweeter taste with fruity aroma and lightly bitter aftertaste. 4.5%

  • Tunnel Visiona traditional ale with a hint of summer sweetness. 4.2%